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Quick Start Guide

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Getting started

  • For your safety, it is recommended to wear protective gear such as a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. when operating the Torq-e Board.
  • Press and hold the power button until you hear the Torq-e Board beep to turn it on. You will hear an instruction regarding connecting the Bluetooth device. Some models feature an accent that is sometimes difficult to understand – apologies for this.
  • When riding the Board, wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and athletic shoes with a closed toe. Clothing should not be too loose to avoid a garment being caught on a passing object, or in the wheels. This could result in loss of control and personal injury.
  • When standing on the Torq-e Board, your feet should be shoulder width apart. Do not stand on the centre of the Torq-e Board as this can cause damage. Keep a relaxed, upright posture with your knees slightly bent.
  • The range of the Torq-e Board depends on the use; the battery will run out quicker riding at high speeds and/or on an incline.

Riding Your Torq-e Board

  • Moving Forward – Lean forward on both platforms and/or point your toes downward to instruct the Torq-e Board to move forward.
  • Moving Backward – Lean backward on both platforms and/or rock your heels backward to instruct the Torq-e Board to move backward.
  • Turning Right – Point your left toes downward, rotating the platform forward, to instruct the Torq-e Board to turn right.
  • Turning Left – Point your right toes downward, rotating the platform forward, to instruct the Torq-e Board to turn left.
  • Avoid turning sharply at speed – this will likely result in losing control of the Torq-e Board.
  • Avoid riding over loose objects, cracks, raised bumps, or potentially hazardous terrain. Do not ride the Torq-e Board down steps.


ACCELERATE AND DECELERATE AT A SAFE, MODERATE PACE – Accelerating or decelerating too quickly may result in loss of balance/control and potential injury.

Torq-e Sticker – We leave the sticker off as some people prefer the boards naked! However, most people want to show that they own a genuine Torq-e board so, please stick your logo on by peeling off the backing, leaving the wax paper on the front for now. Make sure the board is clean and totally dry, paste the sticker on the board in your chosen position and rub carefully over the front paper. Once you are happy it is fully adhered, peel off the top paper and you’re done.