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Operating Notes / Warnings – Please Read

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The Torq-e Board should only be used by people aged 14 and over and, anyone younger, should always be supervised by a responsible adult. Our boards require mature coordination, agility and balance. Please use your best judgement to determine whether an individual is physically fit and well coordinated to use the Torq-e board safely.


102KG (16ST) Do not exceed the maximum weight when operating a Torq-e board; this could lead to damage or failure of the device and may result in personal injury. Do not carry items when operating the Torq-e Board.


20KG – 30KG (4.7ST) The Torq-e Board is not to be used by individuals weighing less than 20KG. The sensors inside our boards are designed for individuals weighing 20KG or more, and may respond incorrectly for someone weighing less than 20KG – which can result in serious injury.


Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes with a closed toe. Do not wear open toe shoes, sandals, or high-heel shoes when operating the Torq-e Board. Do not wear loose fitting clothing as this may snag on passing objects.


For your safety, always wear a helmet and protective gear such as elbow pads and knee pads when operating the Torq-e Board.


Do not lean too far forward or backward as the Torq-e Board may not be able to accelerate / decelerate quick enough for the rider to maintain balance. Leaning too far forward or backward may result in loss of control, falling or personal injury.


Please check and adhere to local laws regarding the operation of personal transportation devices. Local laws may dictate protective gear and operation requirements. Adhere to all local vehicle, personal transportation, and pedestrian laws.


Always operate the Torq-e Board on a smooth, indoor surface or outside on flat surface in optimal weather conditions (sunny, dry). Do not operate the Torq-e Board in mud or wet conditions, do not navigate through puddles and avoid all contact with water. Avoid using the Torq-e Board in areas with debris, obstacles or slippery surfaces as these conditions can lead to losing control of the device possibly resulting in personal injury. Use on these conditions is not covered by the warranty.


Do not operate the Torq-e Board under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription medications. Be alert at all times when supervising and operating the Torq-e Board


Prior to each use inspect the Torq-e Board, ensure it has been maintained and is functioning properly. Do not operate the Torq-e Board with low battery, as the device may lose power, resulting in loss of control and potential injury to the rider. Keep the Torq-e Board sufficiently charged as draining the battery beyond the low battery threshold may result in draining the battery beyond the point where it can be charged.


Do not attempt to modify, repair, or replace the Torq-e Board unit or any components of the unit. This will void any warranty and can lead to malfunctions, which may cause personal injury.


Do not lift the Torq-e Board off of the ground while it is in operation and the wheels are in motion, this can result in freely spinning wheels, which may cause personal injury to yourself or others nearby. Do not jump on or off the Torq-e Board and do not jump while using the Torq-e Board, this may result in loss of control and person injury. Always keep your feet firmly planted on the Torq-e Board while in operation.