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Light cover pushed in or loose

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Although Torq-e Boards are usually very sturdy, one part, which is more susceptible to damage, is the LED light covers.

The following information details some of the common problems and solutions for our Torq-e boards:


On the TQ-6, the 2 light units are complete units, consisting of the oval shaped lens which the LED board is fixed into, and the whole thing is attached to the board shell with 2 retaining screws. These can only be accessed by removing the bottom shell.

  1. If the light unit has been pushed in, please remove the bottom shell with the 6 screws, carefully turn the shell on its side or upside down.
    Tip: You can also remove the wires which are attached to the circuit board so that the shell can be moved away from the board. To un-clip the wires from the board, squeeze the small tab on the white plastic clip and wiggle / pull gently until it comes away from the board. Please don’t pull the wires, only the white clip. Always make sure you note where the wires come from but, it is self-explanatory where they go. It’s a good idea to take a photo so you have a record.
  2. Loosen the light housing / lens with a Philips screwdriver
  3. Push the light housing / lens back into position and tighten the retaining screws. Please do not over tighten as it is only plastic you are screwing into.
  4. To add extra strength, it is a good idea to add a bead of glue across the top joint – between the shell and the light housing. We have found that hot melt glue is fast and easy, but if you don’t have a hot melt glue gun, any glue suitable for hard plastics will do the job well.

When replacing the shell, remember the Self tapping screws (pointed) go in the two holes closest to the centre of the board and the two holes closest to the wheels. The other screws (not pointed) go in the remaining holes.


On the TQ-10, the 2 light covers, on the front of the board, are tinted, see-through bands of moulded plastic

If the light cover is loose, please ensure it is pushed back in to reduce the risk of snapping it completely, if it is caught on something while riding.

If they come loose, it may be because the retaining tabs are damaged or just need pushing back in. If it will not stay in, the tabs may be damaged or just slightly bent so, not connecting properly with the shell. If this is the case, a drop of hot melt glue or alternative fast setting glue (which is suitable for hard plastic) will be fine and avoid further damage.

The light covers are specific to left and right so, if you need to order a spare, please specify which side you need. Standing on the board with the lights at the front (by your toes), the left-hand strip is by your left foot and the right by your right foot.