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Charging Socket Issues

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The charging socket is the round, metal socket on the side / underneath the board. There are three pins inside the socket, which line up with the plug on your charging unit.


Most of the problems we have with the charging sockets are due to the plug being forced into the board, before lining up the pins. There is a groove on the side of the plastic charging plug, which needs to be lined up with the bar inside the metal charging socket. Failure to do this properly and forcing / twisting while trying to plug it in can often damage, bend or break the pins inside.

Another common issue is if the whole socket is twisted repeatedly, it can come loose and move. This movement can sometimes break the wire at the back of the socket which, will stop you being able to charge your board.

If the pins are damaged or the board is not charging and the socket is loose, it is likely that the charging socket will need replacing:

  • If you remove the bottom cover on the side of the board with the charger on, and carefully turn the cover over, you will see the inside of the charging socket.
  • Firstly, check if the wires are still securely soldered on to the back of the socket. Then follow the wires down to the white clip which attaches the charger to the main circuit board.
  • Please note where the wires are clipped onto the circuit board for future reference.
  • To un-clip the wires from the board, squeeze the small tab on the white plastic clip and pull gently until it comes away from the board. Please don’t pull the wires, only the white clip.
  • Once the clip is off the circuit board, you can unscrew the thin nut on the back of the socket, where it attaches to the hole in the shell. This can be loosened with the correct size spanner or a pair of pliers.
  • Once undone, slide the nut down the wires and over the plastic clip (you may need to turn the clip on its side to do this).
  • Once the nut is off, the whole socket can be pushed out from the back of the shell and removed.
  • Once you have the correct socket, just fit it using the above instructions in reverse and re-seat the board cover. Remember the Self tapping screws (pointed) go in the two holes closest to the centre of the board and the two holes closest to the wheels. The other screws (not pointed) go in the remaining holes.

If you are replacing a damaged or faulty socket, please contact us to let us know what type of socket you have and we will send out the appropriate one to you.

Please contact us if you need some support and we will respond as soon as possible.